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Tree & Fabric Services

The Chippewa SWCD is committed to provide low-cost quality trees to Chippewa County landowners for conservation practices. We sell northern grown stock assuring that the trees will survive and prosper in our Minnesota climate.

Tree Sales, Tree Design & Installation

The Chippewa SWCD offers tree planning, design, and planting.

  • tree stock is available for sales
  • SWCD staff creates a proposed tree plan utilizing soil types and compatibility of trees
  • tree planting service available
  • SWCD technician works with landowners to access program funding for tree plantings. Cost-share may be available.

To order trees, contact the office at 320-269-2696 for more information about your site.

Living Snowfence

Have you noticed big snowdrifts near your property after a snowstorm? Are you concerned about your safety during a blizzard? Did you know that something can be done to stop blowing snow? Contact the SWCD office if you are experiencing roads in your area blowing shut from the winter’s snowfall.

Fabric Service

The SWCD offers a fabric laying service as part of the “tree” services they provide to their customers. The fabric is 6-foot-wide geo-textile material that allows moisture to pass thru it but does not allow weed growth to occur. Periodic mowing or lightly disking between the trees is still recommended to control weeds between the tree rows. The cost of the fabric installed is 60 cents per linear foot.

What steps do you take if you are planning a conservation tree planting?

  1. Decide where and what you are doing: a windbreak, windbreak renovation, field windbreak or wildlife planting.
  2. Call the conservation office for an appointment to set up a time to go over the site.
  3. A plan will be drawn up, trees recommended, soil map checked to determine what kind of trees will grow there and amount of room needed.
  4. Site preparation is done in the fall or spring.
  5. Trees are ordered in the fall for spring delivery. The earlier the order, the better chance of receiving the tree varieties you want.
  6. Trees are planted in the spring.
  7. Tree maintenance includes keeping them weed free and watered as needed. Several ways of keeping them weed free is using rolls of fabric matting, tree matt squares, or chemical control.